Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teaching and Pod-casting with my Boo

Teaching and Pod-casting with my Boo (mp3)

Audioboo- My Boo

Audioboo is recently one of the most used online voice recording website. This website is just simply fantastic. Users can make impromptu interviews to be uploaded into any websites, recording some beautiful music that have been composed by any freelancing or contract composers, a recording of your life or even a radio show. Besides for leisure and personal use, Audioboo too can be used as a tool for recording reports or meetings, story telling or any educational use for language teaching. One of the best part of Audioboo is that is link to other platforms. Example of these platforms are like Twitter, Facebook, Posterous or even Tumblr. And if the user have iTunes, he or she can hear to any podcast as all of these will be available in iTunes. Below is a link to Audioboo and a picture of the frontpage of Audioboo:

Ways of using Audioboo for podcasting.

By clicking the application to record your own podcast, it will lead the user to the page, or picture above. The steps that the users need to take notice of:

1. Start Recording

By plugging in your headphone and microphone (optional, it will be fine if you have a build in microphone in your notebook), you are all set to record your podcast. By clicking on 'Start Recording', the recording session will start.

2. Duration of Recording

On the left side of the recording button, there will be a timer. This timer will state how long have you been recording and may serve as a time limit for certain teachers for lesson planning, or limiting the time for a presentation by any individual, such as a student or businessman.

3. Recording Buttons

There are two recording buttons at the bottom of the 'Start Recording' button. You can preview the recording that you have made by hitting the 'Preview Recording', and listen to what you had recorded. If you are unsatisfied with the recording , you can re-record your podcast by hitting the other button to restart your recording.

When you are satisfied:

If you are satisfied with you recording, press 'Happy/ Add a title' button, and it will lead to the next page, which is the picture above. In this page, you can add a title to your recording. Besides that, you can insert some labels, regarding to what categories you recording. Below is a podcast of my blog:

How it is useful for teaching?

Teachers can record lots of podcast for students to listen to. Students can listen to these podcast in the school, at home, for any specific reason, such as revising to what the teacher had taught, or listen back to what the teacher have to explain about a lesson of literature in class. By providing such teaching aid to students, teaching language maybe easier as language can be learned not only in the classroom or ICT classroom, but students can excess to the teaching talking lessons online, as these recording will be available in any social websites, such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or even iTunes. Besides that, teachers can prepare their lesson plans by singing by their own, composing their own song, and making it as a listening lesson for the class. The authenticity of the music will make the classroom more lively and students often response to authentic materials.


  • It's free
  • Useful for listening activity
  • Useful for making podcast
  • Available in different sources
  • Steps in making a podcast is easy as 1, 2, 3
  • One useful language teaching tool


  • In need of internet
  • In need of advance computer tools such as microphones
  • Teachers need to know how to mold this superb device into a teaching tool


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