Thursday, November 10, 2011

Say It, Paste it!!

Say It, Paste it!! (mp3)

Voice your thoughts through the magnificent device - The Wallwisher

By the name itself, the original function of this free public website is to enable people to wish during any celebration, such as birthday wishes, anniversaries or other type of wishes. However, people got to know that this website is useful too for education purposes. This is because, basically, online visitors are able to 'paste' a comment to the wall by double clicking on the wall and typing in text. The online stick notes is a very useful tool as people around the world can voice their opinions or advises on the wall based on the main topic of the wall. The stick-notes may include pictures, you-tube videos, Power Points, Excel documents, and also PDF files. However, the creator of the wall must set to 'public' so that the public viewers can add their comments on the wall.

How can I use it as an educational tool?

As stated on the above, WallWisher is a website that allows viewers to voice their comments on stick notes on the wall. There a few ways how a teacher can make full use of this website not only to teach students language, but also to make language learning an enjoyable process. One of it is by making a wall for the students to voice their thoughts and ideas during class or giving the students time to think, and 'paste' their ideas on the wall at home. All the teacher have to do is to create a wall for the students to view and comment on. Below is a link to Wallwisher and how to use this amazing free website:


This website requires the users to register themselves for using the tool, but the registration is free. All the user have to do is supply his or her email address, and Wallwisher will send a password to the address inserted. Below is an example of the registration page:

Create a wall!!

Congratulation, you have successfully created your own account for this amazing website. The next step is to learn how to create a wall. After we are logged in, all the user have to do is click on the 'Build New Wall' option, and the users will be taken to the setup screen, as the example below. In the setup screen page, the user is able to add a title, a subtitle-text and a corner picture as well for the wall. In the wall URL, the teacher or user can insert any URL ending as all walls will commence with ending). As a reminder, in the privacy settings, if the wall is for the use in class or for students, do tick on everyone on both 'who can view' and 'who can post sticky notes' in the setup screen page.

Below is an example of a wall full with comments on sticky notes:

This website is very useful in language teaching as well as getting ideas from students. The flexibility of this website has made this website famous not only among educators, but also to the public. These are the advantages of using this website:
  1. Creator can view and delete any inappropriate messages.
  2. Creators are able to highlight important points during presentation or discussions in class.
  3. Student will be able to voice their ideas and thoughts using computers and will not be demotivated as some students may feel awkward to voice their thoughts in the class
  4. This website is free.
  5. Students can insert comments at home.
There are too disadvantages in using this website. This is because the creator need to regularly check on the wall for spams and flamed messages on the wall. The other disadvantages are:
  1. Posting inappropriate messages that will annoy or offend other viewers.
  2. Internet and computer facilities is always a need.
  3. Wall may have too many posts, causing lags from users to log into the webpage.


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