Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun in Learning English through Movie Making

Fun in Learning English through Movie Making (mp3)

The Movie Making engine Educates English (Dvolver Moviemaker)

English learning in this current society has expended to a certain limit that English learning is possibly through variable ways. One of the biggest contribution towards English teaching is via technology. No one can doubt that technology now may act as a necessity in one's life, compared to as a luxurious service.So, today, i will introduce a website that, in my opinion that will sure come in handy in language teaching and also learning. The link is as below:

Here is an example of the main page of the website

A brief explanation on Dvolver Moviemaker

Dvolver Moviemaker is an interesting website in enabling users to create their own movie. Well, isn't movie making a complex process? The process will include selecting the characters, the settings of the movie, the dialogue, and etc. However, as complex as it may sounds, this superb website intelligently provide step-by-step processes in creating a fun and creative short movie to be presented in class or simply as a homework to be sent to the teacher via email (provided at the end of the movie making process).

Level and Age

This movie maker is an excellent tool for teachers to teach English in various levels. Students as low as primary school or as high as college students, in learning English, will certainly find this website useful and simple to use. Well, teachers should expect the levels of English in the dialogues to differ, as students of levels such as primary school will create a movie with a more simple context, and the expectations may grow as the age of every students increases. Nonetheless, regardless of any age or levels of English the students have, this movie maker will be an enjoyable activity to be done in the classroom or outside the classroom.

The above short movie is a movie made using Dvolver Moviemaker. It may look complicated, as there are dialogues, characters and also music inserted into that short movie, however, the steps are as simple as 1,2,3. Below are ways on using the online media:

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Dvolver Moviemaker has taken English teaching and learning to a whole new level, as compared to the traditional English teaching methods, such as drilling, communicative language teaching and etc. All this methods has its own strong and weak points. Hence, what are the strong points of using Dvolver in teaching an English language classroom? Here are some key points which may prove the importance of adapting technology into English language teaching.

  1. Students are able to express freely their thoughts and ideas in English.
  2. This activity will build up interest among the students, as this activity is fun and enjoyable
  3. It focus more on the language used compared to traditional grammar.
  4. Teachers are able to monitor the progress of the students while they are making a movie.

With these advantages, teaching and learning English in a language classroom not only will be efficient, it will to be an enjoyable and fun class. Nonetheless, there are walls that stands between these so-called 'advantages'. Below are some of the important factors that may prevent this activity from proceeding or back-firing the main aim of the activity.

  1. Students may apply inappropriate language in the dialogues as students are granted the freedom to insert any form of dialogues.
  2. Time consuming
  3. Not every students or schools are provided with computers or internet, especially rural areas.
  4. The knowledge in using technology between a teacher and students may differ vastly.


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